Minibus and Coach Hire For Stag and Hen Dos 

The iCoach Hire site is the place to find quality transportation for your hen or stag do. We have the right transportation and the friendliest drivers, whether you want to rent a party house, go shopping or enjoy a night at one of the finest nite clubs. Our lineup of vehicles ranges from 8-seater minibus options to 72-seater coach vehicles. These are some ideas for venues and activities for your upcoming stag or hen do:

1. Rent a Party House at Beggar's Barn in Oxfordshire

Beggar's Barn would be an interesting place to rent if you're into rural retreats. The grounds are quite gorgeous, and there's plenty to do there. Some of the amenities you'll find there are games tables, hot tubs and an outside pool. You can add some extra entertainment by hiring a DJ, dancers or something else to make your event special.

2. The Loop Bar in London

The Loop Bar in London is an excellent place to go if you're looking to have a night of drinks and dancing. The Loop Bar has four party rooms, and they each have a different vibe. You can visit the Groovy Wonderland for a disco feel or the Opal Lounge for a luxury feel. It's up to you.


3. Trafford Centre - Manchester
The Trafford Centre is one of the best places to have a hen do because it's one of the largest shopping malls in the UK. You can bring several of your friends with you on an adventure to the Trafford Centre to shop until you drop. Some of the stores in the mall are Adidas, Spar, Oasis, Mamas & Papas and more. Consider having a simplified but fun hen do at this fantastic shopping centre. You and your friends will keep the memories of your experience for many years to come.

4. Hovercraft Racing in Manchester
Are you thinking about taking your friends out for some adrenaline-pumping fun? A hovercraft race in Manchester will be the perfect way to do that. You can arrange a stag do that consists of high-speed hovercraft racing time, helmets and lessons before the events. Indoor skydiving is another event you can consider if you enjoy a good thrill. You can contact a company called Stag Web that can set you up with a skydiving event with harsh winds and long freefalls. You can arrange one of these exciting activities to see which one of your group is the bravest attendant.

5. The Lifestyle Spa in Ruthin
You can have an amazing hen do at the Lifestyle Spa in Ruthin if you so desire. You can take several of your friends for an Indian head massage, meditation therapy or a relaxing full-body massage.

Other Activities and Venues to Consider
These are some additional activities and venues to consider for your stag or hen do:

  • Rent Motorcycles at Spyder Motorcycles in Silverstone

  • Arrange a Lingerie Party in London

  • Bowl with your friends at Linlithgow Bowling Club

  • Dance all night at the Warehouse Project night club in Manchester

  • Sing Karaoke at K2 Karaoke in Manchester

Schedule Your Stag or Hen Do ASAP

Now you have a few ideas for your stag or hen do. Start getting ready for the fun by contacting us at iCoach Hire. Submit your request and you'll receive offers from the partner sites straightaway

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