How it works with iCoach Hire for customers

The process of getting a quote through iCoach Hire is very easy. Here's how it works:

1. Submit
a Request

The first thing you need to do is submit a request for a quotation from some of our providers. You can do that by visiting our home page and entering information about the trip into the quote form. The form will ask you for the trip's origin and destination and whether you desire a round trip or a one-way adventure. You'll also need to enter the number of bags you intend to bring on the trip and the number of people who will accompany you.

Click the "proceed" button when you're done with this process, and you'll be taken to the next step of the process, which will be entering your contact information and any additional instructions you have regarding the trip. There will be a box there where you can enter special instructions such as luxury vehicle requests, special requirements, or complex journey requests with multiple destinations and stops. The search for the perfect provider will begin after you submit this information. You'll be done the hard part. The quotes will come rolling in after that.

2. Get Quotes
from Operators

All you need to do is wait for an email from us when your quotations arrive from suitable providers. You can view the quotations on our website. The quotes will be very detailed. They will include pictures of the vehicles available for reservation and complete specifications for the vehicles.

We aim to get you as many quotes as possible. Our goal is to provide you with four quotations. You may not receive four quotes in complex situations or during times when business is hectic. However, you will receive more than one quotation. You can then compare the options you have and decide which one suits your purpose the most.

3. Review
Your Quotes

Look over your options and select the one that meets your needs. From that point, you will deal with the transportation provider directly. The provider will give you details about how you can reserve your vehicle and pay for the reservation. You'll also receive direct contact information for the provider so that you can keep in touch with them throughout your journey. You may also contact them to discuss trip edits, cancellations, and any other questions or concerns regarding your trip.

You can create a free iCoach Hire account so that you can track your journeys from beginning to end. It takes only a few seconds to sign up for an account, and it will remove any hassle involved with the process. Be sure to leave your provider a glowing review when you're finished with your trip. We're sure you'll have an amazing time, no matter where you are going on your journey. We'll be delighted to accommodate you and help you find the transportation you need for any future trips you have in mind, as well. The majority of our clients are repeat clients because we consistently provide top-notch service as a comparison site.

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