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We would like you to take the time to read our Privacy Policy before you use our site to book a minibus or coach hire. Please do not proceed to use our site if you do not agree with all the information herein.

This document explains how the information you send to us will be processed when you use our website. Please do not proceed to use our site for any reason if you disagree with our Privacy Policy.

We generally use the information we collect about you to help our providers find solutions for our site users. We also use the information to improve our features and develop our marketing and promotional efforts.

By accessing our website and using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy and how we collect and handle information.

We may make periodic changes to this policy. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to check for updates frequently.


This Privacy Policy describes in great detail the practices we use to collect data and how we use the information we collect. We understand that trust is a huge issue. Every time you visit our website and provide information, you expect us to handle it in a trustworthy manner.

We respect your need for trust, and we make the safety and security of your personal information our priority because of that.

Information We Collect From You

We receive and store information on the website if you enter it into one of the pages or provide it to us in another way. We also automatically collect some information. Other information is stored through advanced computer technology. These are some of the types of information that will be stored if you use our service:

Personal Information

Personal information is any information that an entity can use to identify you as a person or contact you in any way. Personal information includes name information, address details, email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, and passwords. Our site may also request personal information about your trip preferences, traveling plans, and styles. All such information will be used to provide you with the services you require.

Session Data

We may collect information about your activity online when you visit our website. We may also collect information about the computer or device you're using when you visit our page. We may collect information about the pages you view, your web browser's software, your IP address and your referring website. We may collect this information to aid us in our analysis of our customers and their preferences. It will help us to improve your user experience in the end.

Cookies and Web Technologies

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that your computer stores on its hard drive. Our site uses cookies the same way many other sites use them. We may use them to make your user experience more convenient, and we may use them to keep track of your preferences.

You can prevent sites from using cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Keep in mind, however, that doing so could lessen the functionality of certain websites.

Our servers also automatically log certain information such as IP address, page views, length of time you spend on the site, etc. We use this information to give us an idea of how people use our site. It helps us to modify and improve our services.

How We Use Your Information

We will never use your information for a malicious or unethical reason. We will use your information mostly for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with the products or services you request from us

  • To deliver booking confirmations

  • To send you to travel notifications

  • To communicate with you about your concerns and questions

  • To improve our website services

  • To customize your website experience

  • To solicit surveys and reviews

  • To help with dispute resolutions and problems

  • To prevent prohibited or illegal activities

  • To implement enforcement of our terms

You will receive emails at the address you provided to us if you are a supplier. You can change your information at any time using your control panel if you're an advertiser. Supplier information will be kept in a secure system that we will use to send monthly invoices via email.

Email Communications

We may communicate with you via email to make it easier for you to receive the affordable quotes you desire. We may send you information about upcoming deals and specials that pertain to your travelling preferences. You do not have to continue to receive the messages, however. You can send an inquiry to us and request that we remove your original request for email information.

Who We Share Your Information 

ICoach Hire may share your information with several entities throughout the course of your affiliation with us. We are likely to share some of your information with entities such as:

  • Business partners who offer services you need

  • Third-party vendors that offer services on our behalf

  • The suppliers who will fulfil your requests

  • Our own internal entities

We may ask our third-party vendors to collect additional information about you or your traveling plans.

We may use your information to fulfill a request from a legal entity. For example, we may have to share it if we receive a court order, subpoena, or legal request.

We may share your information to investigate a matter involving fraud or any other illegal activity. We will do this to protect the rights of ICoach Hire if such a situation ever arises.

We may share your information in a situation that involves a corporate transaction. Examples of such transactions are mergers, consolidations, asset sales, and bankruptcy.

The Length of Time We Keep Your Information

We may need to keep some of your information stored in our archives for record-keeping and analysis purposes. However, we will not hold onto your information any longer than necessary.

We usually remove information about specific journey requests within three months. We generally remove anonymous customer data within three months after the date of departure. If you are inactive for an entire year, we will most likely remove your information.

Your Rights and Choices Regarding Your Information

You have many rights when it comes to data collection and use. These are some of the rights that you may exercise if you need to:

The Right not to Provide

You have the right to refuse to provide your personal information, and you can exercise that right at any time. Please be aware that doing so may make it more difficult to provide you with the services you need.

The Right to Enquire

You have the right to send us an inquiry and ask us what personal information of yours we're keeping. Our agents will be delighted to respond to your inquiry.

The Right to not Share With Unaffiliated Parties

We will not share any of your personal information with unaffiliated companies. We will also protect your information integrity by not renting it, selling it, or sharing it with persons who are not involved in your transportation request processes.

The Right to Relevant Use

We will ensure that any information we obtain from you is used in a relevant manner.

How We Protect Your Information

We implement several practices to ensure that your information is protected and safe at all times. Some of the practices we may implement include technical, administrative, and physical practices. Our goal is to ensure that you have a safe and secure experience on our website at all times. We want to establish a sense of trust so that you will feel confident using our services. We use various security measures to ensure that only authorised persons have access to your account information. We only allow authorized personnel to access your information, and they may only do so when they are conducting business-related actions.

External Links

You may come across a variety of external links on our website. Those links may lead you to third-party companies that may also collect some personal data from you. Those third-party entities may have a Privacy Policy intact that differs from our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to visit the Privacy Policy page of any third-party provider you consider visiting. Read through their policy thoroughly so that you understand how they will collect and handle your personal information. Do not continue to use the site if you disagree with their policy. Once you return to our website, you will be protected by the policy that we have in place.

Call Recording and Monitoring

Please be aware that any calls you make to or from ICoach Hire will be recorded for various purposes. Some of those purposes include monitoring our customer service team, training our staff and analyzing calls for accuracy. We may also use the information for dispute resolutions and other business-related reasons. We may keep such recordings in our records for a period not longer than is necessary. We will treat any personal information you provide in these calls in the manner described in our Privacy Policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

ICoach Hire reserves the right to change this policy at any time. If we make any revisions to the policy, we will post them at the top of the page to review them immediately. We encourage you to review the policy periodically to stay abreast of any updates we make to it.

Contact Us

You can contact us at ICoach Hire at any time if you would like additional information about this Privacy Policy. You may also contact us if you'd like to request that we remove some of your personal information. You can reach us a or call us at . We'll be delighted to address your concerns quickly.

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