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By accessing or using our site, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated below. The terms apply whether you are a customer seeking transportation or a supplier seeking to provide transportation.

About Us

We are an advertiser of transportation services for suppliers and a medium through which clients find such transportation. We do not warrant that we conducted any vehicles' inspections, even in cases where you see photographs. Suppliers are responsible for all licensing and rights necessary to provide vehicles for hire.

We have no involvement in the booking process or the payment processes. We act solely as a third-party connection between suppliers and customers. The supplier is responsible for vehicle hire eligibility and any claims that customers may bring forth. The provider will supply its customers with terms and conditions concerning its business operations and relationships.

Copyright Information

We have the copyright to all materials on our website. You may not copy, transform, publish, modify or distribute such content. Additionally, no person shall use our site for advertising that we do not permit.

Your Safety

It is the customer's responsibility to research suppliers and contact the suppliers with any inquiries about the booking arrangements.


All contracts are between the suppliers and customers directly. As such, you understand that you must bring forth claims to the supplier and not us. We provide a platform to book transportation only. Therefore, you agree to keep us clear of any claims for damages, losses, liabilities, and legal fees.

Limited Liability Responsibility

We disclaim all liability and responsibility for losses or damages suffered by another party that arises from:

  • Any reliance by any user of our site

  • Omissions of the supplier

  • Loss or damage to personal possessions or vehicle

  • Any incident that takes place in the vehicle

We will do our best to prevent any misuse of our site. We may even take steps to cancel a booking that we deem inappropriate. However, in no way do we hold ourselves liable for any negligence, personal injury or loss at the hands of the provider.

Repeat Infringer Policy

We reserve the right to terminate any customers or suppliers who repeatedly infringe upon the rights set forth by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We may also terminate a member for violating another party's intellectual rights, whether it's a repeat offense or not.

Interruption in Our Service

We do not accept any continuous obligation or responsibility to operate our site or any specific parts of it. We'll take every measure to maintain its continuity, but we will not promise it.

Links From Our Website

We will not be responsible for any losses or damages that may occur from using a third-party link from our site. Please use caution when using them.

No Partnership or Joint Venture

Nothing in our terms implies that a partnership or venture exists between us and suppliers or customers.

Contractual Relationship

No contractual relationships exist between us and any of our customers or suppliers in terms of transportation booking.


No parts of this agreement will be affected if another part is found to be unenforceable or invalid.


We may revise this agreement at any time.


We understand that times arise when a customer or supplier needs to cancel a trip. The following is information regarding booking cancellations for customers and providers. Ultimately, we would like everyone to have a pleasurable experience and be able to work together in perfect harmony.

Booking Cancellations for Customers

Our purpose is to connect our visitors with reliable and honorable transportation providers and suppliers. We have been doing that successfully and are very proud of our reputation. Booking cancellations are something that customers have to handle with the providers directly. Payments go directly to the suppliers, and as such, the suppliers must perform the cancellation. A client who wishes to cancel a booking will need to get in touch with the supplier as quickly as possible. The supplier will then consider the request and handle it according to its unique refund and cancellation policy. We advise all of our visitors to check the provider's refund and cancellation policy before booking a minibus or coach hire reservation. Read the policy in detail so that you will understand the options you have regarding the matter.

You will, in most situations, lose any deposit that you leave for a booking. The purpose of a deposit is to secure a popular vehicle for use on a specified date. Your cancellation could cause the provider to lose profits for holding the vehicle for a trip that will not occur. Therefore, the deposit is forfeited so that the provider can retrieve some of its losses. Any amount that is not a deposit may be refundable. However, the provider has the right to use its full discretion to make that decision. The provider will listen to your concerns and then offer a solution to the problem.

Supplier Handling of Booking Cancellations

We understand that providers count on having all of their bookings materialize. However, sometimes unexpected situations occur that cause clients to request booking cancellations. These are some tips for handling a cancellation request appropriately:

Offer a Fair Exchange

As per your company's refund policy, you may not be obligated to refund the customer at this time. However, you can offer the client the same trip on a different date. Alternatively, you can offer to give the client an account credit so that he or she can book another trip anytime in the future.

Issue Full Refund When Applicable

The honorable thing to do will be to issue the customer a full refund if that person is within your cancellation and refund policy guidelines. Your main goal is to ensure that your customer is happy with the interaction that he or she has with your business. Honouring your refund policy will be a perfect way to do that.

Be Prompt When Handling the Matter

Show respect to your customer by responding to the cancellation inquiry quickly and efficiently. You should also handle the matter quickly to avoid leaving the customer waiting for an answer.

Offer Advice for Weather-Related Incidents

You may want to give customer-friendly advice about insurance policies and their probable involvement in the refund process. For example, you can advise the client that their insurance company might pay for a cancellation that illness, snowfall or natural disaster causes. Inform the client that the option is available and advise that person to contact his or her insurance company to file a claim.

When Suppliers Need to Cancel Bookings

There may be some times when you need to cancel a booking as a supplier. Such issues are rare, but they do happen on occasion. Issues such as a lack of inventory, driver unavailability, or repair needs may come up. Here's what you can do as a supplier if it happens to you:

Be Extra-Helpful and Courteous

Your customer will most likely be disappointed that you have to cancel their booking. Now is the time to ramp up your customer service efforts. Be apologetic, empathetic, and accommodating. Try to explain the reason for the cancellation and discuss all possible alternatives with the client.

Offer a Full Refund

Offer a full refund of the client's money if you are the one who has to initiate the cancellation. Your refund policy should not apply here.

Offer a Good-Will Gesture

You may also want to take it a step further and offer a good-will gesture for retention purposes. For example, you could offer the customer a discounted rate for a future endeavor.

Advise the Customer About Insurance

Let the customer know that insurance coverage can reimburse them for the cancellation in certain circumstances. A cancellation that you have to do because of bad weather is one incident that the insurance company might cover.

Contact us

for additional advice and information on cancellations and refunds. We'll be delighted to answer any questions you might have about the matter.

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