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Finding a great deal on a coach hire
shouldn't pose any inconvenience it should be easy. The process of getting you to your destination in the UK or abroad, whether it be to countries like Italy, Portugal, or closer to home, is made simple by the likes of iCoach Hire; with a low price comparison, booking, and generally simple system to save you money and get you travelling in comfort. With coach and minibus hire available for an occasion of your choice, iCoach Hire is there to ease the burden of searching and booking. On its website, you'll find the information you need to find a coach and book a minibus hire, simply and easily throughout

Why Compare, Book, and Save with iCoachHire ?

We are unique from other providers because we provide connections to minibus and coach services in the UK and around the world to over 500 destinations. We aren't just a company that will connect you to local minibus and coach hire. We'll connect you with minibus and coach hire to wherever you need to go.

Another reason to choose our services is that we only provide high-quality connections. All vehicle maintenance is held to the highest standards. Drivers are adequately trained and licensed. Furthermore, our customer service team is dedicated to making sure that your trip is unforgettable.

We offer 24-hour service all year round. So there will never be a time when you can't find the coach or minibus hire that you need because of a holiday or late hours.

We specialize in finding our clients the most amazing rates, as well.
You will find the services your desire at the price you want, or you don't have to book the trip. The chances are high that you will book the trip, however, because the rates will be too good to let go.

Why Customers Love Us

Our customers love us because there are no brokers involved and we possess the three most essential qualities of an excellent transportation service provider: integrity, compassion, and affordability. 


How to Book
Your Trip

Now you know everything available to you, and you know how massive the list of minibus and coach hire vehicles is. It's time for you to compare, book and save. You can get an instant quote on a coach or minibus hire with a driver by following a few easy steps.

Step one is to enter your origin and destination.  

Step two is to select the number of passengers that will travel with you to the destination.  

Step three is to hit the "next" button to continue. You'll be directed to a page where you will need to enter additional details about your trip, such as trip type, departure time, suitcase size, event type, and so on. You will then receive a comparison list where you can choose the provider with whom you desire and book your trip.

You'll have an opportunity to read the reviews for each company on the list, and you will see information about the amenities, discounts and deals, vehicle types, and the like. That's all there is to it when you use Icoach Hire. We said it would be easy, and that's what we meant. Start looking for your next minibus and coach hire today.

Book Your Transportation Today

Visit our quotation request tool and request a quote for a minibus or coach hire. You'll get first-hand knowledge of how effortless the process can be.


Coach and Minibus Company Prices

Thank you for choosing our minibus and hire services to explore. We're glad that you came to our page because we're the leading provider of cheap minibus services. We're a special company because we provide the high-quality service and vehicles that you need, but we don't try to leave you broke. We will provide you with the cheap minibus hire prices that other coach hire companies to don't. We will even give you the tools you need to compare prices and choose the best options for you. We use advanced technology to calculate coach hire prices based on the following factors:

1. Mileage:

The price you pay for your minibus or coach hire will depend on the mileage from destination to destination in most cases. Therefore, you have to be specific when you use the search tool and enter your postcodes to receive the most accurate answers.

2. Event:

Some pricing is based on the event you're attending and the time and date of such an event. You may have to pay a flat rate for going to the races or a festival, for example.

3. Hourly Rates:

Our pricing might also be according to hourly rates. An hourly rate may be the structure if you hire a minibus or coach with a driver.

4. Season:

The pricing will vary according to the time of the year you make your reservation. A search for transportation during the peak season will give you cheaper results than if you run that same search during an off-peak month. Peak months include April, May, June, July, and August.

5. The Type of vehicle

size and type of vehicle you choose will impact the pricing significantly. That's why it's important that you know exactly how many passengers you need to fit into the vehicle. Your accuracy can save you money if you do that. We can accommodate all parties, whether they are large or small.

NO matter what criteria you choose to conduct your search, you can rest assured that the pricing for minibus hire prices will be cheaper than any other prices you've seen from similar providers. Furthermore, you'll get your results quickly when you enter your trip-specific information. You won't have to wait a long time before you find out how much you'll have to pay. You'll receive a quick and accurate quote for what you need within minutes. Try our search tool to find transportation to your next big event.



We will connect you with providers that offer a wide range of vehicles to accommodate you and your traveler’’s. You'll be able to find a quality Ford Transit or Iveco vehicle for standard minibus or coach hire. Providers also have executive Mercedes minibus vehicles for corporate travel. Some of the other vehicle options that you can secure include:



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