About Us

We at iCoach Hire started our journey to provide quality transportation to UK residents over 10 years ago. We started with a vision to connect travellers with the transportation they need at the most affordable prices. Since then, we've evolved into the leading minibus and coach hire comparison company in the industry. There are many reasons that we can claim that spot. One of them is that we continue to thrive. Travellers know that we have their backs when it comes to finding cheap, high-quality transportation. They trust in our knowledge of the industry and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Your Journey Starts Here: About iCoach Hire

Welcome to iCoach Hire! Your one stop shop for cheap minibus and coach hire in the UK. The company began life a number of years ago with a very simple idea: ‘to provide passengers with the right vehicle for their journey’. Today, we are proud to be the UK’s leading minibus and coach hire comparison site, a position we eared through hard work and high standards, and the commitment of our customers who stay loyal to us.

The Power of Connection

We connect customers travelling with friends and family, or those celebrating a special occasion or corporate event, with a large network of trusted coach and minibus providers. We guarantee that you will enjoy a trip that is safe, convenient, attractive, easy to book and suits your every need. We understand that planning an event such as a family holiday, birthday or stag/hen party can be arduous at times. We also recognise that transportation can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s why we are here to help you. Whether it’s for a small or large group, you can rely on us to fulfil your transportation wishes. Because we care about our customers, we want to provide the best experience possible.

Affordability Meets Quality

At iCoach hire, we feel you should not have to compromise on quality to hire vehicles at affordable prices. Our partners also share this vision of providing our customers superbly maintained minibuses and coaches, driven impeccably by our drivers, all at an affordable price.

Innovation and Customer-Centricity

Powered by tech, we’ve created a seamless user experience that lets you input your search and compare quotes from multiple providers in under a minute. You can sort for group size, required amenities and budget. Most of all, you can expect upfront pricing with no surprises – just the ride you’re looking for.

The iCoach Hire Team: Driven by Passion

Meet a few of the dedicated people behind iCoach Hire:

  • Our founder Dave Harris has 20 years of experience in the industry and a true enthusiasm for getting the traveller from A to B.

  • You: Our Head of Operations, Amaanat Ali makes sure every element of your ordering process was perfect, and the customer interactions seamless.

  • Andy engineer extraordinaire, the man behind our effortless booking tool and ongoing innovations to help you browse better.

What Our Customers Say

‘iCoach Hire made finding an extra large coach for our family reunion a breeze! Great choice of vehicles and competitive prices.’– Sarah P.

‘Their customer service was excellent! Always on-hand when I needed to make a booking!!!’ – Ben M

Recognized for Excellence

"Best Transportation Comparison Platform" award for our dedication to innovation and customer service.

Experience the Difference – Travel Made Easy

At iCoach Hire, we see transport not as a mere ‘supply’ of services – it’s the very vehicle by which our customers’ journeys are made, memories created and lives enriched. We’re proud to help people in the UK journey more independently, conveniently and with confidence.

Join Our Community – Start Your Journey Today!

If you’re ready to streamline arranging and coordinating small- to medium-sized group travel, fill in our quick quote form completely and accurately and click Get Quote Prices. You’ll see why I chose iCoach Hire for your discerning needs. This is where your next adventure begins.

Why We're Different

Travellers choose us because they know we'll give them a quick turnaround and superb customer service. They return to us because they know we stand out above all of our competitors. If you book with Coach Hire, you'll have access to unique benefits such as:

Cheap Prices
No other comparison site can guarantee you cheap prices for minibus and coach hire like we can. Doing everything we can to ensure that you receive the cheapest prices for your travels is the reason we're in business.
Vetted Providers
We also deeply care about the quality of the vehicles and the service you receive from the providers. That's why we vet the providers and ensure that we only connect you to the most reliable companies with experience and a strong reputation. We're not just connecting you to providers. We're connecting you to top providers.
Local Drivers
All of our drivers are local. Therefore, you can feel confident that they'll know a great deal of history about the places you're travelling to. You'll also know that you might be supporting workers within your community.
Excellent Relationship With Providers
We have excellent relationships with all the providers in our database. We know them on a deep business level, and we all share the common goal of making your travelling experience pleasurable.
Free Quotes
We believe in providing our visitors with free quotes. You'll receive four quotes from leading providers when you use our quote tool. We don't charge anything for the information.
Local Drivers
All of our drivers are local. Therefore, you can feel confident that they'll know a great deal of history about the places you're travelling to. You'll also know that you might be supporting workers within your community.

Ways We'll Accommodate You

iCoach Hire aims to please. That's why we offer a broad range of benefits and accommodations that make the entire booking process quick and hassle-free. These are some of the benefits you'll receive requesting your next booking through iCoach Hire:

24-Hour Support
You can reach out to us any time you have questions or concerns. We provide 24-hour support for your convenience.
Vast Selection of Vehicles
Our selection of vehicles is the largest on the market. We provide standard and luxury vehicles from a multitude of manufacturers. The sizes range from 8-seater minibus options to 72-seater double-decker options.
Prices Within Minutes
You should have access to quotations from the providers within minutes. We know how important it is for you to get fast results, and we do our best to make that happen.
Criminal Records Checked on Drivers
Your safety and concert are our priority. That's why we check with the Criminal Records Bureau to ensure the drivers we hire do not have criminal backgrounds. You can rest assured that your driver is free of a criminal record and will treat you with the highest level of care.
Unformed Drivers
We offer our customers full access to uniformed drivers. We feel that this provides a level of professionalism that rises above the standard of most transportation providers.
Driver Phone Number
We provide our clients with the driver's phone number before the pickup date to contact them beforehand if necessary.
Discounts All-Year Long

Our pricing is always discounted, no matter what time of the year.
There are many other reasons that iCoach Hire is the leading company to compare minibus and coach hire costs. Use our free quotation tool or contact us at any time for additional information

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