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We're glad you stopped by our site to search for minibus and coach hire Rugby or your future trip in Ruby. We are a leading provider of transportation for many events in the UK. We can assist you with airport transfers, weddings, funerals and corporate meetings. We can find you a coach vehicle that can fit your entire class, sports team, band or family in it. We can also assist you with transportation for a stag and hen night or a fun night on the town with your closest friends. The best part is that you can have a quote for transportation within minutes.
Our specialty is ensuring that you have reliable transportation for your events. That's why we only work with prominent transportation companies that have gigantic vehicle fleets. The options of vehicles that you have to choose from include 8, 12, 14 and 16-seater minibus vehicles with lots of accommodations. These vehicles are also between two and seven years old and tuned to absolute perfection. We offer executive and standard minibusses as well as 24-seater mini-coach options. We also have access to a wealth of coach vehicles. We can get you something small like a 28-seater vehicle, or we can find you something as large as a 72-seater double-decker coach. The choice is yours.

Places to Visit in Rugby

Rugby is a beautiful area for anyone who loves art and nature. The following are five places that you shouldn't skip visiting while you're in town:

  • Draycote Water (Near Rugby, CV23 8AB): This beautiful reservoir is a popular location for water-based outdoor activities, including sailing, windsurfing and fishing or simply birdwatching and enjoyed by families for a walk or cycle around the perimeter. Facilities include a visitor centre, café and plenty of carparking.

  • Rugby Art Gallery and Museum (Little Elborow Street, Rugby, CV21 3BZ): in the heart of Rugby and comprising events, exhibitions and learning centres with art from the past to the present, there is also a Look Local History section that gives real insight into Rugby’s rich past.

  • Newbold Quarry Park (between Rugby and Leamington Spa, CV23 0AL): A former limestone quarry, this popular nature park has waymarked walking trails, numerous wildlife ponds and old quarry lakes, and extensive views from the escarpment overlooking Warwick. The site now forms part of a Special Area of Conservation in a scenic landscape that highlights the dramatic shape of the quarry, and the legacy of industrial monuments. Visitors can trace the old tramway, climb observation towers, spot birds and wildflowers, or simply escape the city bustle.

  • Swift Valley Nature Reserve (Between Rugby and Lutterworth): 120 ha of meadows, woodland, scrub, ponds and the River Swift for walkers and birdwatchers. Wildflowers in season.

 Minibus and Coach Hire Cost
Don't worry yourself about the cost of transportation for your UK travel. We promise you that your prices will be much more affordable than most. Cheap minibus and coach hire pricing is our trademark. However, some factors may affect the end result of your quote request. Things like mileage, vehicle type, time of year and event popularity can cause it to change.

Attractions in Rugby
Rugby has endless attractions. The list we gave you before was just the beginning to a long list of great sites to see. These are some of the other places you should make an effort to visit while you're there:

Rugby Locations

  • Caldecott Park (CV21 1UG): A popular urban park in central Rugby. It offers walking paths, a play area, sports pitches, floral displays, and Hattie's Toolshed Cafe. The park's history, including a former ornamental lake, adds a layer of interest for visitors.

  • Benn Hall (CV23 0EY): This grand conference and events center is set within beautiful grounds near Rugby town center. Its historic building and elegant setting make it a sought-after venue for weddings, corporate functions, and special events.

Locations Outside of Rugby

  • Stanford Hall (Lutterworth, LE17 6DH): While a bit further afield, this magnificent stately home is a worthwhile excursion from Rugby. Visitors can tour the house, admire the gardens, and enjoy the on-site motor museum and other attractions.

  • St. Edith's Church (Shocklach Oviatt, Cheshire, CW6 9QQ): This charming historic church boasts a picturesque setting and fascinating features. While a significant distance from Rugby, it may appeal to those with a keen interest in architecture or local history.

  • Whinfield Recreation Grounds: 

Minibus Hire With Driver

You have the option to choose a driver to take you to all the destinations you want to go in Rugby. All you have to do is request one when you're entering your desires into the quote tool. You'll receive a list of prices that include the cost of the driver. The driver you receive will be trained in customer service excellence and own special licensing to operate large minibus and coach vehicles.

Upcoming Events in 2021 Near Rugby

We wanted to let you know about some of the exciting upcoming events that will be occurring in Rugby in the near future. Check out these events if you get the time while you're there:

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