Minibus and Coach Hire in Leicester

You've come to the right place if you're looking for top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art transportation for your Leicester journey. ICoach Hire is an expert site to find high-quality minibus and coach hire for affordable prices. You can find small minibus vehicles for quick day trips and sight-seeing ventures, or you can book gigantic coach vehicles for large sporting events, class trips and more. The best part about booking with iCoach Hire is that you will receive a list of quotes within minutes. Just enter a few search criteria and then choose from the myriad of options available to you. You won't find less expensive options anywhere.

Our partners offer a broad range of minibus and coach vehicles to help you transport to your destination. They have vehicles that were crafted by some of the finest manufacturers in the world, and they are fewer than seven years of age. Some of the options available for your journey include the following vehicles:

 Types of vehicles Sizes and makes and models

  •   Mercedes Executive Vehicle:

    Focus on luxury, prestige, and customized features.Often based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform.

  • Iveco Standard Minibus Hire

    Practical and dependable minibus from Iveco, often the Daily model.

    Ford Transit Standard Minibus

  • Versatile and widely used minibus option from Ford.

    8, 12, 14, and 16-Seater Minibus Hire:

  • Refers to the passenger capacity rather than a specific make/model

  • Could be Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, or other similar minibuses.

    24-Seater Mini-Coach Hire

  • Larger than a minibus, offering more space and sometimes coach-like features.

    33 and 35-Seater Coach Hire

  • Standard size for coach hire, suitable for larger groups.

    49-Seater Coach Hire

  • Large coach for organized tours and longer trips.

    53-Seater Coach Hire

  • Similar to 49-seater, but with a slightly different seating arrangement.

    72-Seater Double Decker Coach HireMaximum capacity option for very large groups.

There are many more options for you to explore. Just enter your information in the search tool to find the vehicle that you desire. 

Five Places to Visit in Leicester 

Leicester is a place where you'll want to stop and savor the culture. These are some of the sites that you must see to get a full experience during your stay:


  1. National Space Centre - LE4 5NS (North Leicester)

  2. New Walk Museum - LE1 7EA (City Centre)

  3. Newarke Houses Museum - LE2 7BY (City Centre)

  4. Leicester Cathedral - LE1 5DE (City Centre)

  5. Kirby Muxloe Castle - LE9 2DH (Kirby Muxloe, a village just outside Leicester)

Minibus and Coach Hire Cost 

You might be concerned about the price you'll have to pay for your minibus or coach hire in Leicester. We assure you that you won't have to pay much to obtain such accommodations. The search tool will give you a list of quotes and provider ratings that you can use to decide which minibus and coach hire options to secure. The prices will vary according to the following factors: 

  • Vehicle size and type

  • Event popularity

  • Season of hire

  • Driver assistance choice

  • Hourly rate (50 to 100 pounds

  • Per day charge

  Even though the prices vary, we can still guarantee that you will find the least expensive options if you book your trip with us. Aside from that, booking your minibus and coach hire will be easy for you to do. It only takes three steps to get the quote you desire from us. Try our quote request tool today and experience the ultimate level of convenience. 

Leicester Attractions 

When you visit Leicester, you'll want to ensure that you stop by every place that tourists and residents frequent. These are some locations that will be perfect for your picture-taking mission:


  •  Leicester Castle - LE1 (City Centre)

  • Watermead Country Park - LE7 (North East Leicester)

  • Abbey Pumping Station - LE4 (North Leicester)

  • Belgrave Hall - LE4 (North Leicester)

  • Leicester Market - LE1 (City Centre) 

Minibus Hire With Driver Leicester 

You can find minibus hire with a respectable driver if you use iCoach Hire to book your experience. Your driver will come to greet you on time, and he or she will be in full uniform. The level of customer service that you will receive from such a person will be impeccable. Furthermore, you can have full faith in the driver because you'll know that that person has been through an extensive background check as well as a specialized driver testing and customer service training. You can have 100 percent faith in the driver's reliability, friendliness and timekeeping. All you have to do is request a minibus hire with a driver in Leicester, and you will receive one.


Upcoming Events in 2024 in Leicester


  • The Stranglers: April 28, 2024

  • Billy Ocean: October 16, 2024

  • Gabrielle: November 13, 2024

  • From the Jam: November 6, 2024

  • Steps UK Arena Tour: November 2024


Why Book With iCoach Hire?

 Affordability is the number one reason to book with iCoach Hire. Convenience is the next one. We can proudly attest to giving consumers the lowest prices in the industry without compromising quality in the process. Schedule your next trip or excursion by using our booking quote tool today. You'll be glad you took the time to do so.

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