High Wycombe

Now is the time to take your family and friends and visit the gorgeous lands of High Wycombe. There are many things to do in the town and there are many great sights to see. We offer premier minibus and coach hire services to help you get back and forth to your unforgettable events. We service various events such as sporting events, corporate meetings, parties, weddings and funerals. Our comfy minibus vehicles are perfect for stag and hen nights and day trips as well. Many people use our services because they know we can guarantee affordable rates and friendly service. Take a minute to visit our reservation page, and you'll see exactly why consumers love to use our services so much.

Minibus Hire in High Wycombe

We network with a high number of leading transportation providers. Therefore, you have access to an enormous inventory of minibus and coach vehicles through us. Each minibus is carefully designed to provide you with the highest level of comfort and all the accommodations you will ever need. Furthermore, no vehicle is over six years old as we only offer vehicles that will perform at top level. These are some of the options you'll have if you book your minibus or coach hire through us:

  • 8-seater minibus hire

  • 12, 14 and 16-seater minibus hire

  • 24-seater minicoach hire in High Wycombe

  • 28 to 35-seater coach hire

  • 49-seater coach hire

  • 53-seater coach hire

  • 72-seater coach hire

  • Mercedes executive minibus

  • Iveco Standard minibus

  • Renault minibus

  • Volkswagen minibus

  • Ford minibus

  • Minibus hire with driver

Places to Go in High Wycombe

Your trip won't be complete without visiting some of the top attractions in High Wycombe. We put together a list of the leading sites to visit, and we came up with these five. Make sure your driver takes the time to stop by these sites so that you can experience what this amazing town has to offer:

  • Hughendon Manor

  • Marlow Bridge

  • Cliveden

  • West Wycombe Park

  • Hellfire Caves

Minibus Hire and Coach Pricing

The pricing scale for minibus and coach hire fluctuates, and you set the range according to what you desire. You will receive fantastic results from us compared to other providers in the industry. You'll enter your mileage, passenger number, event type and so on. Then you'll get a list of quotes from major providers. You can choose the price range that meets your special needs, and then we'll provide transportation on that day. Making a reservation is that simple.

Attractions in High Wycombe

These are some more interesting sites to see in the High Wycombe area. You must stop by and check them out if you get a chance to. You'll be glad you did:

  • Odds Farm Park

  • Bekenscot

  • Wycombe Museum

  • Stanley Spencer Gallery

  • Wilton Park Estate

Minibus Hire With Driver

Add a driver to your list of features when you schedule your minibus or coach service. You'll be pleased with yourself for doing so. Our partners have uniformed drivers with special training in driving and customer service to support you on your adventure. Your driver will show up in full uniform, and he'll be ready to accompany you so that you can enjoy yourself.

Upcoming Events in 2021 in Wycombe

High Wycombe is popular for some of the events that go on in some of its venues. These are some upcoming events for the 2021 year. You'll want to stop by and experience at least one concert while you're on your journey.

  • Pulp Friction at Phoenix Bar: March 5, 2021

  • Biffy McClyro at Phoenix Bar: April 10, 2021

  • Paramore GB at Phoenix Bar: May 8, 2021

  • Green Haze at Phoenix Bar: October 8, 2021

  • Korn Again: November 13, 2021

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