Minibus and Coach Hire in Chelsmford

There is no limit to the number of fantastic models of vehicles that you can hire through our service. We're connected to a huge network of leading transportation providers who have a variety of minibus and coach options. You can reserve an 8, 12, 14 or 16-seater standard minibus, or you can request a 24-seater mini-coach for your travelers. Got a large crowd? No problem. We have spacious 28 to 35-seater vehicles as well as 49, 53 and 72-seater options. All vehicles in the inventory are still considered as new vehicles. None of them are more than six years old. Therefore, you can have full confidence in their mechanical capabilities and gorgeous interiors and exteriors. Just put your request into our advanced search tool and find the transportation you need today.

Now is the time to reserve a high-class minibus or coach for an upcoming event in Chelmsford. ICoach Hire has a huge inventory of the finest and most fabulous vehicles for any event. Choose from our partners' wealth of classy minibus and extravagant coaches for a variety of events and occasions. Do you want to ride to the races in style? You can. Do you have an upcoming wedding or corporate event to attend? We've you got you covered. Do you just want to have a fun night on the town with a few close friends? We can take care of that too. From airport transfers to coach tours, iCoach Hire can help you book your transportation within minutes. No one has a faster quote form than we do. Stop by the page and see for yourself.

Places to Visit in Chelmsford

The entire town of Chelmsford is one big piece of excitement. You can stop anywhere and experience greatness. However, here are five places that are more popular than most of the other places there.

  • Hylands House

  • Admirals Park and Tower Gardens

  • Chelmsford Museum

    Danbury Place

    Chelmsford Cathedral

Minibus and Coach Hire Cost

The cost of your transportation will fit perfectly into your budget. Our search tool uses the information you enter to find you the best rates our providers have to offer. From there, you choose the minibus or coach hire that fits your needs the most. The prices may vary according to mileage, vehicle type, season and accommodations.

Attraction in Chelmsford

Chelmsford is overflowing with culture. Therefore, there are many places that you can go while you're there. These are five more spots you should stop at. Don't forget to take pictures and videos of some special moments while you're there:

  • Essex Police Choir

  • Danbury Place

  • Mace Playce

  • St. Luke's Church

  • Central Park

  • Minibus Hire With Driver

Our partners hire drivers using a stringent hiring to process to make sure they are flawless. These drivers have special licensing, clean criminal records and extensive customer service training. They can be a great help to you if you need some guidance or directions. Ask for a uniformed driver during your quote search, and you will receive one for your excursion.

Upcoming Events in Chelmsford in 2024

Do you like concerts and exciting events? That's good because Chelmsford has a lot of them to go around. These are some of the events for you to look forward to in 2024.

  • 24 MAY - John Lydon

    • What: A performance by legendary punk icon John Lydon, formerly known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Expect a mix of music and spoken word from the controversial figure.

    • Where: Chelmsford Theatre

    • Likely Vibe: Energetic, potentially provocative, and a unique experience for fans of punk rock and counterculture.

    6 JUN - Julian Clary

    • What: A comedy performance by the flamboyant and witty Julian Clary.

    • Where: Chelmsford Theatre

    • Likely Vibe: Outrageous humor, innuendo-laden jokes, and a distinctively campy style.

    10 AUG - Sausage & Cider Festival Chelmsford 2024

    • What: A festival celebrating all things sausage and cider! Expect a wide variety of sausages to sample, numerous ciders to try, and live music.

    • Where: Central Park, Chelmsford

    • Likely Vibe: Foodie-friendly, a lively atmosphere with a focus on delicious food and drink.

How To Book With ICoach Hire?

1. Submit a Request

  • Visit the iCoach Hire website: Start by going to their website.

  • Provide your details: Fill out a simple form with the following information:

    • Type of journey (single, return, multiple destinations)

    • Pickup location and destination(s)

    • Dates and times of travel

    • Number of passengers

    • Any special requirements (accessibility, luggage space, etc.)

2. Get Quotes from Operators

  • iCoach Hire's network: Your request is sent to their network of trusted coach and minibus operators in the Chelmsford area.

  • Tailored quotes: Operators assess your requirements and provide you with personalized quotes based on their availability and pricing.

3. Review Your Quotes

  • Convenient comparison: iCoach Hire presents you with a clear comparison of the different quotes you've received.

  • Choose the best fit: Consider factors like price, vehicle type, amenities, and operator reviews to make an informed decision.

  • Book directly: Contact your chosen operator directly to finalize your booking and secure your coach hire.

Reserve Your Minibus or Coach Hire Now

You'll never be able to beat the prices that iCoach Hire can get for you. You'll be able to see that once you check out the search tool. Start getting yourself the best transportation in the UK today. Contact us if you have any questions, or you need anything additional for your journey.

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