You don't have to look any further for high-quality minibus and coach hire. ICoach Hire has the connections to get you set up with the best transportation in the business. We provide UK travelers with pristine transportation for airport transfers, theme park visits, day trips, stag and hen nights, birthday parties, weddings, funerals and more. We can find you a classy executive vehicle for a corporate event, as well. You can trust that our prices will be the lowest in the industry as we've kept that reputation for years. We're here to serve you for your Batley adventure and far beyond that, as well. You can reserve your transportation in only a few minutes and then relax and wait for the fun to start.

Minibus and Coach Hire in Batley

As we mentioned, we have connections with some of the most prominent transportation providers in the industry. They keep fleets of new minibus and coach hire vehicles and always have their certified mechanics team working on them. The available vehicles come from manufacturers like Volkswagen, Renault, Ford and Iveco. The sizes vary, and they can accommodate you, no matter what your mission is. Some of the sizes we have to offer include but are not limited to:

  • 8, 12, 14 and 16-seater minibus in Batley

  • 24-seater mini-coach vehicles

  • 28 to 35-seater coach

  • 49 and 53-seater coach

  • 72-seater, double-decker coach vehicles

None of the vehicles in the lineup is older than seven years, and they are all built to withstand just about anything. If you need additional accommodations, you can let us know in your request. The rate options will reflect your unique needs.

Places to Visit in Batley

Batley is an exciting town that has an equally eventful night and day life. These are five places that you won't want to ignore while you're there. Stop by all of them if you get the chance. You surely won't regret it:

  • Bagshaw Museum

  • Oakwell Hall

  • Wakefield Cathedral

  • Dewsbury Minster

  • Middleton Park

Minibus and Coach Hire Cost

You can go through the entire process of reserving your minibus or coach using our advanced reservation tool. You'll have to enter the postcodes and some additional information such as the number of passengers, the event type and the type of accommodations you desire. The quote tool will then produce a list of prices, and you'll get to choose the cheapest ones. Prices may vary according to the time of the year it is and the distance you're traveling to and from your destination.

Attractions in Batley

We thought you might want to know of a few more places you could stop during your excursion. This is a list of the next five most popular spots to frequent. Stop by and then let us know if you enjoyed yourself. We're sure you will.

  • Marshall's Mill

  • Temple Works

  • The Mental Health Museum

  • Colne Bridge

  • Northern Monk Brewing Company

  • Farnley Hall

Minibus Hire With Driver

A driver can relieve you of the burden of driving and having to figure out where to go. Why not sit back with your loved one or your friends and just enjoy the ride? You can request a minibus hire with a driver when you're asking for a quote list. The pricing options will be clear to you after you submit your inquiry.

Upcoming Events in 2021 Near Batley

These are some of the top events that will be coming up near Batley while you're there in 2021. You won't want to miss any of these exciting occasions:

  • Azazel at the Key Club in Leeds: January 15, 2021

  • Snuff at the Key Club in Leeds: January 16, 2021

  • Hanya at Headrow House in Leeds: February 9, 2021

  • Doves at the Wardrobe in Leeds: February 10, 2021

  • Steve Harley at Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield: June 2, 2021

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